Susan Kim

“Therapy is about creating a safe and trusting relationship that actively promotes change and enhances flexibility. It is a space void of judgement and ripe with opportunities and genuine encouragement.” – Susan

Susan is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar who prioritises the therapeutic relationship over all else and is sensitive to the needs of her clients. She is a warm and genuine psychologist who adopts a collaborative approach with her clients.

Previously Susan has worked with clients with chronic illness, as well clients with a broad range of presentations in both public and private settings.

Susan works with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, academic stress and emotional distress.

Susan uses the following therapeutic approaches in her work with clients:

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
MiCBT (Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behaviour therapy 

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