Adult ADHD Assessment Services

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Adult ADHD Assessments

At Project Wellbeing we provide comprehensive assessments and interventions for Adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Our experience has been that most adults feel a sense of relief and empowerment on receiving confirmation of an ADHD diagnosis. This is because the diagnosis leads to a feeling that everything makes sense and helps shift the focus from self-blame to understanding how your brain works, and harnessing the wonder of your brain to improve function at home, work and daily life.

About Adult ADHD

In Australia, an estimated 815,000 people live with ADHD. Unfortunately, ADHD in adulthood is poorly recognised, under diagnosed and under treated in Australia. This is of particular concern due to the adverse impact of ADHD on nearly every aspect of an adult’s life.

ADHD presents differently in adults than it does in children, and it is important that assessments take this into consideration.

Our adult ADHD assessments include an in-depth clinical interview, validated psychometric measures for assessing for adult ADHD, and a comprehensive report with practical evidence-based recommendations.

pw assessments adult adhd assessment

Adults with ADHD tend to report:

  • Difficulty getting started on tasks
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Poor attention; excessive distractibility
    impulsivity; saying or doing things without thinking
  • Excessive and chronic procrastination
  • Frequently losing things
  • Poor organization, planning, and time management skills
  • Forgetfulness
  • Relationship discord
Not every person with ADHD displays all of the symptoms, nor does every person with ADHD experience symptoms to the same level of severity. Some people have mild ADHD, while others have severe ADHD resulting in significant impairments. ADHD can cause problems in tertiary educational settings, at work, home, in parenting, and can affect other tasks of daily living.

Thankfully, ADHD is one of the most treatable psychological concerns. Therefore, early detection and diagnosis can have a highly beneficial impact on an adult who has ADHD.

What Individuals say About Receiving Confirmation of ADHD as an Adult

Q: As an adult, what was it like to receive an ADHD diagnosis?

A: “It was the happiest day of my life. Without a shadow of doubt, because finally I could understand what it was that had shaped me more than anything else in my life. I was absolutely elated when I found out.”

Andy Hutchinson – Insight season 2022 ep 1

Q: How did you feel when you were told you had ADHD at 28 years old?

A: “It was such a relief! My partner came home and said” “why are you crying” “I said … I’ve just understood myself. It was like everything made sense. I didn’t feel dumb anymore, I had a path moving forward.”

Lizette Lee – Insight season 2022 ep 1

The Assessment Process:


Step 1: The Referral

In the first instance, if you are worried about any aspect of yours or your child’s functioning, development or mental health, we recommend you start by discussing your concerns with your General Practitioner. Your GP is your primary health provider, and it is always beneficial to have your GP involved in your health concerns. However, a GP referral is NOT required for an assessment service.

Step 2: Contact Us

Contact our friendly team on (02) 9136 0481 or via our online form below. Our team will provide you with a detailed explanation of the assessment process and provide estimated costs and time frames.

Step 3: Intake Session

Following best practice guidelines, all of our child and adolescent assessments start with an intake session. In this session, the psychologist will ask you and your child questions about your concerns, abilities, strengths, difficulties / challenges and developmental history.

Step 4: Assessment

Your child will then attend the assessment session with the assessing psychologist. The number and type of assessments required will be tailored to your child’s individual concerns and needs and will be informed by the initial intake session. Assessments are conducted in a relaxed environment using standardised tools.

Step 5: Deep Dive

Your psychologist will then take a deep dive, spending many hours reviewing your intake and assessment sessions thoroughly and completely. They will then formulate your written report, recommendations and feedback session.

Step 6: Feedback and Report

A feedback session will be scheduled approximately 2-4 weeks after completion of the assessment. In this session, your psychologist will provide you with a written report and verbal explanation of the assessment results and recommendations.

Optional Services:

Second Feedback Session

We offer a second feedback session as we understand how overwhelming all this new information can be. This provides you the time to process your written report and initial feedback session, and then return to ask clarifying questions and further discuss the strategies and recommendations. Loved ones are welcome to join this session if you would find this helpful.

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Ongoing Therapy and /or Coaching for ADHD

We offer ongoing therapy to assist with managing the symptoms of ADHD. Evidence based treatment for ADHD includes a combination of medication with therapy. In cases of mild ADHD therapy can be a standalone treatment.

Evidence based therapies for ADHD include:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Time Management and Organisations Skills training
Anger Management
Interpersonal skills
Improving Self-Esteem
Marriage and / or Family
Counselling: helps all family members to understand and cope

Online Self-Paced 8 Week Course

With over 40 years combined experience, join the collaboration of three highly experienced psychologists and practice owners: Tehani Gunasekara, Karen Martin and Melissa Johnson on an 8-week journey. This course will provide you with education, strategies and practical tips aimed to improve problems in study, jobs and career, at home, in the family and other relationships, and with tasks of daily living.

Join the waitlist by emailing:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a GP Referral?

You don’t need a GP referral for an assessment. However, we do recommend discussing any concerns you have about yourself or your child’s health or functioning with your GP as it is always helpful to have your GP involved in your health concerns.

Will I Receive a Formal Diagnosis of Adult ADHD?

Formal diagnosis of Adult ADHD requires a multidisciplinary approach. This includes your General Practitioner, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and, at times, other medical specialists. At Project Wellbeing our psychologists provide you with a written report and verbal explanation of the assessment results. This includes an indication if you meet the criteria for Adult ADHD diagnosis. Our reports can be reviewed by a Psychiatrist who may confirm diagnosis and prescribe medication where appropriate.

How much will it cost?

The cost of an assessment depends on many factors, and a price will be provided to you after you have submitted an enquiry. However, as a guide you can expect to pay between $2200 and $2500 for an assessment.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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