Psychology & Wellbeing Services

to increase the quality of life and psychological wellbeing of individuals, couples, families and workplaces.


We are a Castle Hill based psychology and wellbeing practice that provides individual therapy, wellbeing workshops, and perinatal mental health services.

Our goal is to preemptively equip, coach and connect all Australians with the tools, techniques and strategies to be, or become mentally fit, experience wellbeing, and make the most of life despite its ups and downs.

Whether you are one of the “worried well”, have been diagnosed with Depression or Anxiety, or have no particular concern at all but wish to achieve more out of life, our services can assist you to increase your quality of life and psychological health.

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Psychology & Counselling Services

Project Wellbeing offers a range of individual, couple and workplace psychology and counselling services designed to increase your quality of life and psychological wellbeing.

Individual Therapy

When life rains down on you, don’t go it alone! Our psychologists and therapists are here to walk alongside you and give you the tools and strategies to navigate the good times and the bad.

Perinatal Wellbeing

The perinatal period refers to the period from conception until the baby is approximately 1 year old. Our psychologists and therapists have a particular interest in helping parents adjust to this new period of life.

Workplace and Community Wellbeing

We are passionate about supporting employers and leaders to provide mentally healthy workplaces, to support their teams and see both the business and its people thrive.

Telehealth Appointments

We use a safe and secure online platform for long-distance and overseas clients, as well as those whose busy schedules make it difficult to come into our practice.

Child and Adult Assessment Services

Our quality assessments for children, adolescents and adults are comprehensive, research-backed, timely and provide easy to read reports with practical strategies that you can implement straight away to improve outcomes for you or your child.

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Our Psychology & Counselling Experience

Project Wellbeing started with one psychologist in the South of Sydney. The practice in the South of Sydney grew before we relocated to Castle Hill in 2017. Since then we have well and truly put down our roots in the Hills District.

We are located in Castle Hill and continue to grow as we carry out our mission to pre-emptively equip, coach and connect as many people as possible with the tools to become or stay mentally fit through the ups and downs of life.


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