Project Wellbeing Vision

Our vision is to create a nurturing space where you can be heard, understood, and inspired to move towards your future. We envision coming alongside you, bringing evidence-based tools, strategies, and techniques to help you work through life’s challenges; to help create mental health and wellbeing. All so that you can be the person you desire to be and live a full and meaningful life.

We value Respect, Gratitude, Collaboration and Generosity.

Meet the Team

Now that you’ve made the decision to seek therapy you may be wondering whom to see. It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right person to work with. Our team each have their areas of special interest and, expertise, and bring their own personalities and style to their work. You can find out more about our team below. Alternatively, we offer a free telephone consultation to help pick the right person to work with you. If you would like this please call or email us.

Tehani Gunasekara

BA, BSc(Hon) Psych MPsych

Clinical Psychologist

Tehani has special interests in Anxiety Disorders, Perinatal Mental Health, Men's Mental Health, and Workplace Wellbeing. She works with mums, dads, teachers, and people-leaders. She is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience. She is also a Speaker and Board-Approved Supervisor to Interns and Clinical Psychology Registrars.

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Beth Vila

BBehSc, GDipPsych, BSocSc (Hons) (Psych)

Registered Psychologist

Beth is a registered Psychologist with a passion for assisting clients to live fulfilled and meaningful lives. She has worked in the areas of community mental health, victims of crime as well as children and adolescents with learning and developmental disorders.

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Janine Taylor

BPsych M.A (Counselling Psych) MASC (Adv. P.Th)

Senior Psychologist

Janine is a highly experienced, warm and engaging Psychologist with a passion for people and their ability to create positive changes in their lives through empowerment.

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Celina Estacio

BPsych (Hons I) MClinPsych

Registered Psychologist / Clinical Psychology Registrar

Celina is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar with a particular interest in working with children, as well as adolescents and young adults experiencing academic stress, relationship difficulties or emotional distress.

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Judy Connors



Judy has worked extensively with diverse people for over 35 years in the area of Pastoral Care. Judy has a warm, caring and sensitive disposition with great passion to seeing healing, restoration and wholeness in an individual’s life.

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Katherine Watson


Clinical Psychologist

Katherine is a Clinical Psychologist whose work with clients is underpinned by positive psychology and mindfulness. She has a strong interest in working with people affected by cancer and chronic illnesses, as well as supporting military personnel and their families.

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Susan Kim

Registered Psychologist / Clinical Psychology Registrar

Susan is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar who prioritises the therapeutic relationship over all else and is sensitive to the needs of her clients. She is a warm and genuine psychologist who adopts a collaborative approach with her clients.

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Tom Liao Photo Circular

Tom Liao

Registered Psychologist / Clinical Psychology Registrar

Tom is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar with a passion for journeying with people through their difficulties and listening to their stories.

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Vivian Chau

Provisional Psychologist

Vivian is a Provisional who warm, open-minded and committed to helping people through life's diverse challenges. She is passionate about creating a safe and non-judgemental space to allow individuals to freely express their vulnerability and struggles.

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