5 Tips for Couples to remain close in uncertain times

Blog post cover - 5 wellbeing tips for couples

We most certainly are living in unusual times that will forever be imprinted in our minds for years to come. The sudden and ongoing expectation for families to cohabit consistently and perform numerous daily responsibilities from schooling to sports, to work, in new and different ways calls for perfunctory periods of creativity. The pressure is on for couples to keep their cool as the heat intensifies.

Here are 5 tips to help couples stay connected during these uncertain times:

  1. As a couple, foster healthy sleeping habits that allow for at least 8 hours of sleep.  Try to hold each other accountable to this as it will help your resilience levels. 
  2.  Wake up every morning and have a couple ‘check in’.  Assess each other’s energy levels, mood, resilience levels and commitments.
  3. Set boundaries for the day based on the above. Ask each other for what you need to stay calm for today.
  4. Plan a schedule of household responsibilities and ensure roles are clear so that expectations are clear. Stick to your responsibilities.
  5. Create the mindset as a couple that the only focus is on today. Don’t get caught up in the future. Focus on today first, you can plan for tomorrow but don’t get caught up ruminating and worrying about the future. This will help you to optimize mindfulness and capitalize on the time you have.

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