ADHD Child Assessment Package

Children being assessed at Project Wellbeing

ADHD Child Assessment Package

Our child ADHD assessments have been developed using best-practice guidelines for assessing ADHD. Our assessment package includes an in-depth clinical interview, validated psychometric measures for assessing for child ADHD, and a comprehensive psychological report.

The comprehensive report includes a detailed overview of symptoms, a thorough description of test results, interpretation of assessment and practical, evidence-based recommendations for next steps.

Some common symptoms of ADHD which may indicate that an assessment could be useful include:

  • Failing to give close attention to details
  • Difficulty sustaining attention
  • Not following through on instructions and failing to complete schoolwork/chores
  • Losing things necessary for tasks
  • Fidgeting with hands, squirming in seat, or an overall restless feeling
  • Often β€œon the go”
  • Talking excessively, blurting out answers, or interrupting others
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Assessment Structure

1x Parent only interview (50 mins)
1x Child only cognitive assessment (up to 2hrs)
1x Child only educational assessment (up to 2hrs)
1x Screener questionnaires (sent to parents and teacher)
1x Phone call with classroom teacher (30 mins)
2x ADHD assessment (sent to parents and teacher)
1x Parent only feedback session (50 mins)
1x Comprehensive psychological report

(including results, interpretation, recommendations)

1x Optional second feedback session or school case conference
pw assessments children adhd assessment


Medicare:Β There are currently no rebates for ADHD psychological assessments available from Medicare.

Private Health:Β Some private health providers may provide potential rebates for psychological assessments – please enquire with your personal fund.

NDIS:Β For those who are self-managed or plan-managed NDIS clients – please check with your support coordinator or plan manager regarding utilising your NDIS funds for psychological assessment.

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