Autism Assessment Package

Our Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments have been developed using best-practice guidelines for assessing ASD. Our assessment package includes an in-depth clinical interview, validated psychometric measures for assessing for ASD, and a comprehensive psychological report. The comprehensive report includes a detailed overview of symptoms, a thorough description of test results, interpretation of assessment and practical, evidence-based recommendations for next steps.

Some common symptoms of ASD which may indicate that an assessment could be useful include:

  • Failure to initiate or respond to social interactions including back-and-forth conversation
  • Difficulties in developing or maintaining friendships
  • Reduced emotions or affect
  • Repetitive motor movements or use of objects
  • Insistence on routine and sameness
  • Highly restricted interests
  • Hyper- or hypoactivity to sensory input or unusual interest in sensory aspects

Structure and Cost

1x Parent only initial session (50 mins) – $300

1x Parent only structured interview for diagnosing ASD (up to 3hrs) – $550

1x Child only standardised assessment (up to 2hrs) – $550

2x Screener questionnaires (sent to parents and teacher) – Included

2x Sensory profile (sent to parents and teacher) – $250

2x Adaptive functioning scale (sent to parents and teacher) – $250

1x Phone call with preschool/classroom teacher (30 mins) – Included

1x Parent only feedback session (50 mins) – $300

1x Comprehensive psychological report – Included
(including results, interpretation, recommendations) 

1x Optional second feedback session or school case conference – $300

TOTAL: $2200 – $2500

Note: Feedback session occurs within 3 weeks of final assessment completion.


Medicare: Medicare rebates may apply for Autism assessments – please speak to your paediatrician or other referring doctor for more information.

Private Health: Some private health providers may provide potential rebates for psychological assessments – please enquire with your personal fund.

NDIS: For those who are self-managed or plan-managed NDIS clients – please check with your support coordinator or plan manager regarding utilising your NDIS funds for psychological assessment.

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